Breaking News: Spencer Sankale Ollchike life in danger


After the expose of how Maasai Mara has been looting funds via Citizen tv ,Spencer Sankale Ollchike who gave out important data over the same  life is in danger

Spencer has  been on the run since the incident happened.

The netizens expressed shock, surprise and anger on the level of corruption at a public institution which has been entrusted with the future of hundreds of students. The expose dubbed ‘Mara Heist’ alleged that over Sh 190 million were looted from the university.

The netizens believed that the level of corruption highlighted at Maasai Mara is a representation of what happens in most public institutions in Kenya. They went ahead to call for more exposes as it would help in reducing the corruption cases in the country and at long last save the tax payer’s money.

The whistleblowers in the story led by Senior Accountant at Maasai Mara University Spencer Sankale Ollchike were also applauded by their bravery.

The Kenyans on Twitter pointed out that it such brave people that would bring the much-needed change in the country in terms of fighting corruption. According to a good number of Kenyans on social media, Spencer should be celebrated for his patience and determination in bringing the corruption at the Narok based university to an end.

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