As constitutional reforms Atmosphere is caught up in a lethargic and elitists battle, there has been a twist of events as the political empires take charge to settle the scores.
The punguza mzigo Bill frontier Dr . Ekuru Aukot and the third way alliance party is headed for tough times in counties approval as the Building bridges initiative bedrock counties are at sight of its total rejection. The thirdway alliance party enjoyed its first victory from UasinGishu county but experienced a serious tumble at the muranga county Assembly as it wa rejected.
ODM leader Raila oding insist that the country should be ready to first synthesize the projections if BBI before any other amendments are brought on table but pundits have also advised that the Punguza mzigo bill is also a mandate of democracy and it should not be tarnished if there are no better proposals on it.
As expected, BBI is set to come up with a report that will rival the punguza mzigo Bill as the expansion of executive and Accommodation of election losers debate is a hot meat to bite.
The deputy president Dr. William Ruto indicated that he will oppose the BBI reports should it propose an expanded executive. He urges that kenya is not ready to go into a referendum to create position for political cronies and sympathizers rejected on a election exercise.

Dr. Aukot say that he is ready yo face what the counties decide but claims that some leaders are intimidating MCAs and that county assembly speakers are colluding with the BBI projectors not to properly table the bill. Even as the reforms temperatures continue to rise, pundits are out to provide more reference on the trajectory of the discussion’s.Ojanga, one of the constitutional lawyers urges that kenyans should not be jinxed in the BBi/punguza mzigo supremacy battle on the basis of political parties and the handshake but the dire need and necessity to have the reforms.”even if it is BBI or punguza mzigo,kenyans are the one who will decide what they want when and how.They should not be told to reject or accept that bill,while the latter does not provide an option on the basis of what they are in need of,”he says.


Karen nyamu,high court advocate and the managing director at Nairobi waters and sewarage on the other hand insists that the reforms should be done inline with the view to entrench regional and national developments goals. “The constitution is an exclusive contract between the citizens and their prosperity in their native country, whatever documents in it are amended, must be for growth and development not to settle political scores of perceived entitlement to make decisions on behalf Millions of Kenyans.”
She further says that public participation is what should set the pace of what people really want to work with and solve. The Constitution is not a paper booklet that you just pluck from any end. It serves the common and in it, lies their liberties. Public participation should focus on enlightenment and awareness and not to draw political alignments. For us to move forward as a country, the masses must decode change objectively and not through radicalization. They must be sure of the exact ‘Mzigo’ they have , the exact ‘bridge’ they are building or the exact purpose of why they seriously need the reforms.”

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