Punguza Mizigo bill: Aukot suffers another blow in Busia


Confusion marred voting in Busia on Monday for politician Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Mizigo bill, with members of county assembly rejecting key proposals including scrapping the deputy governor position.

After a debate that lasted about three hours, Speaker Benard Wamalwa put the bill to vote through routine mass acclamation.

Silence followed his first call, with only one person responding to his question on whether to pass or reject by the Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee.

After briefly consulting Deputy Speaker Lawrence Okaale, it emerged that members had not understood the routine question so the Speaker made a second call.

He asked, “Honourable members. I will now put the question this way; How many members sitting today in this assembly are for the Punguza Mizigo bill?”

This question returned one – interestingly from committee chair Gardy Jakaa, who is also Bukhayo North Walasti Ward Representative.

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