Purity Kendi, Young upcoming Hero

Purity Kendi Visiting the needy to offer them emotional and physical support

Our interview with Purity, She shares about her initiatives and why she has a passion of giving back.

Can you give us a quick review of your background?

Meeting Prof Patrick Lumumba Otieno at his offices

I was born in 1989 in Meru from a humble family. Ever since I was a young child, I had this passion wanting to help the vulnerable in the society, I love to meet with and talk to new people and I have never forgotten this dream, I am also God fearing and all my dedications are directed by the calling of God. As a result, I took my studies seriously, having begun schooling at Kaliati Primary School in 1997, all the way to Kimachia Secondary School and eventually got admitted at Meru University of Science And Technology where I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Option) in 2015. I then worked for different establishment up to 2016.

I have devoted myself to working among the poorest of the poor in the streets of Nanyuki town. Although I had no funds, I depended on well-wishers. Soon voluntary helpers joined me, and financial support is also forthcoming. it is making it possible for me to extend the scope of my work. I am still looking for funds to start my own order, (A Rehabilitation centre in Laikipia County) whose primary task is to love and care for those persons nobody is prepared to look after.

Sharing light moments with the community

My work has been recognized and acclaimed throughout the Africa and have received a number of congratulations messages and an award as the best youth and social empower through peacebuilding initiative. In 2018, I won the Laikipia award as the best Youth and Social Empower

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What drives you to giving back to the Society? 

Its my passion.I grew up knowing that everyone deserves an equal chance in the society,The point  drives me


Tell us what you have done so far?

Taifa Peace Ambassadors (TPA)

Ktn Interview,listing the importance of empowering the youth among other issues

I founded Taifa Peace whose major objective is to effectuate sustainable development in every Kenyan youth in 2014; the organization was registered in 2017. We also promote and support the sovereignty, integrity, solidarity, and dignity of all Kenyans hence enhancing of the cohesion and integration of the citizens of people of the Republic of Kenya.


Five year since its founding, Taifa Peace Ambassadors, TPA programs has played a major role in the transformation of many Kenyans to engage in sustainable development projects. TPA has empowered less fortunate of which they are now independent. We have successfully created Job opportunities for many young people here in Kenya.

Our ambassadors use the skills/knowledge/ training sessions to “promote and support the sovereignty, integrity, solidarity, and dignity of all Kenyans hence enhancing cohesion and integration of all citizens in Kenya.” –we have hosted mentorship conferences, initiated many projects and many more that we are doing. We have hosted international youth conference whereby over 500 youths attended from Kenya and abroad, we organized Chapati Festival where about we brought about thousands of street families in different community together. Our main aim being to combat drugs abuse, sexual transmitted diseases and to know the plight of these families, launching agribusiness project this year where by 6000 young peoples will be empowered after 3 years.

Donating Foodstuffs to needy family

What are your Accomplishments so far

  • Mentored many street children of which some are in school
  • Able to unite Maasai and Trukana community in Laikipia County.
  • Donating foods and clothing to the needy.
  • Leading and accomplishing capacity building programs for HIV/ AIDS prevention
  • Encouraging huge number of youths to venture into agribusiness and helping them to learn new ways of engaging Ecommerce platform to advertise their products
  • Helping children and families survive life crisis and find desire to live and learn more.
  • Many of the desperate youth I have engaged had severe social, psychological or physical disorders, I was able to watch them having just a bit of a sparkle, even giving me a smile after a one hour session about their thoughts and dreams for the future, and encouraging them to put their hope in God.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage and defuse crisis situations
  • Acknowledged by colleagues for taking the initiative and following through on program initiatives
  • Donated Text Books in various primary schols.
  • Hosted Peace Initiatives in Laikipia
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My ideological vision, given to me by God, which I believed would provide the world with a better future.  I have the interest of helping people and creating a better world as well as having a confident in the path God has given me, which subsequently led to believing in me. I am an outstanding leader, displaying a high degree of determination and faith in my cause. Universal individuals have recognized my personal conviction and and charity. I have a competent, credible and trustworthy role model for many people and subsequently seen as a heroic upcoming young leader. I have become a voice for many underprivileged citizens, who are initially ignored by most people. I am creating global awareness about my work, for those suffering and is acquiring numerous followers who have begun to support my course, values, beliefs and goals.

With Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa

Have you seen a change from your work?

Yes,there is great social change both economically and politically.We have minimal kids in the streets as at now.

Education has changed, our collaboration and partnership with Longhorn publishers and Hon Mwaniki, LaikipiaDeputy governor has seen schools benefit from the text Books we contribute.

What keeps you going?

The desire to see change. Have seen the impact. Many communities are now working as a team, many young people have improved both mentally, economically and politically.

Do you have hobbies? 

I like visiting people and sharing life experiences with them.

Reading Novels eg Think Big by David

Taifa peace Ambassadors event.
@Hon Gerishom Youth President.KENYA
@Purity Taifa peace Founder.

What do you plan in near future? 

To be a great leader not in Kenya only but in the whole of Africa, as an advocator of peace and Justice,
My organization goal is to build a rehabilitating center in Laikipia county whereby we will be able to care for humanity.

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What can you advise the young? 

Everything is possible provided that you are determined and focused.Nothing should limit you from doing what you believe in.Take chance.

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