Business Mogul Daktari Musonye to open 10 Football watching halls for non drunkards because they are a bother in a pub.


The Nairobi Businessman Daktari Musonye has brought the long-awaited relieve to the liquor takers in Nairobi. The drunkards have come out decrying a loud for the congestion created in most pubs especially by the teetotallers who invade the pubs just to watch football.

Mr. Musonye who is also a drunkard has resorted to plan B by opening 10 football watching halls for non-drunkards to ease congestion during the mainstream of jug daniel taking down his throat.

Of course, it is beyond doubt that Mr. Musonye is rich at least going by the numerous business entities he has enumerated.

Those close to him like Dr. Elizabeth Wanjiru and some few individuals rumored that the businessman spends 20k per day for nourishing women and barmaids.

Before he sets his foot in a pub to drop down hunter which is said to be his favorite liquor when you happen to pass near his coat, you can smell the aroma of Kenya’s currency notes and when your skin gets in touch with his shirt, you can as well feel the texture of notes piled together.

Mr.Musonye has also organized a drunkards’ party to be held on 31st th December 2019 at Sizzling Club in Nairobi CBD. He has invited all liquor takers to assemble at Ambassador as early as 1 pm before they set the event.

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