At Kanyari’s church, one has to ‘plant a seed’ to receive blessings


Pastor “Prophet Dr” Victor Kanyari of the Sh310 “Plant a Seed” scandal has bounced back after an investigative story in 2014 exposed the deception behind the miracles in his Salvation Healing Ministry.

Before that, he had gained notoriety as the preacher who asked for a Sh310 offering, taken from the biblical verse in Malachi 3:10, which exhorts believers to give to the Lord.

After the scandal, he quietly reinvented himself with a programme on Radio Jambo, going by the name Bishop Samwel Maina.

He still asked listeners to give a “seed offering” for powerful intercessory prayers, but had reduced the amount to Sh250.

After a local newspaper exposed him, he went off-air. He now has a television station, Maajabu TV, which broadcasts sermons from his ministry, now based in Njiru, Nairobi.

Tucked between incomplete houses on a former expansive quarry, the blue-roofed building is still new, and undergoing finishing touches.

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