Atwoli has a toothpick-Oscar Sudi


    Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi has continued to attack COTU boss Francis Atwoli, calling him all sorts of names. In a fundraising occasion in Kapseret, Sudi has described Atwoli as an immoral man who uses his toothpick to commit atrocities against the less fortunate in society.

    In a high tone speech, the Kapseret legislator said “Mimi nataka niambie mzee Atwoli ya kwamba,wakati wa watu kutumia katoothpick kuhangaisha hohehahe umekwisha. Lazima awache kunyanganya vijana wadogo bibi zao kwa sababu ako na pesa” loosely translated to “I want to tell Atwoli that time of using a toothpick to oppress the poor has come to an end.He must stop snatching wives from young men just because he has money”

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