Babu Owino denies being the biological father to Lilian Muli’s son


Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Hon Babu Owino has distanced himself from claims that he is the Biological father to Lilian Muli’s son,Liam. In a statement,the politician has denied ever attempting something sinister with the Citizen Tv anchor.

The statement comes few hours after social media users circulated the picture of Lilian Muli’s son who resembles the Embakasi East legislator.

“It is in public domain that Liam has a long tongue and big ears just like mine but that does not validate the claims that I am his biological father. I am a staunch Christian married to a beauty pageant who is the only Queen of my heart.People should stop threatening my already built marriage with unwarranted debates” Babu Owino said.


Babu Owino has urged social media users to operate under the set guidelines  to avoid causing distress to other parties. The gallant SONU boss has drafted an apology to Lilian Muli and her husband on behalf of the speculating members of the public.

To Muli,

I apologize thunderously on  behalf of my fans linking my name  to acts forbiden in the Quaran.Mimi ni mweupe kama pamba

Thank you ,

Babu Owino,


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