Babu Owino:Sonko Is A Village Salad


Embakasi East legislator, Babu Owino has described Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko as a village salad,a dullard, a pea brain, a dumbo and a dodo who requires emergency services of psychiatrists from Sugoi and Ichaweri. Babu Owino remarks come after Governor Mike Sonko was recorded catapulting abusive sentiments towards him. The former SONU boss has urged Governor Mike Sonko to stop hiding chunks of money looted from the County Government of Nairobi in his father’s grave at Mua Hills in Machakos.

Portrait of Governor Mike Sonko describing his pigish lifestyle

In a statement, the Embakasi East Member of Parliament reveals that The demolition of buildings along riparian land was a trick by Governor Mike Sonko to extort hundreds of millions of shillings from marked men.

The gallant politician goes on to say that after Sonko published a list of hundreds of buildings online that were on the line for demolition, only about five were actually demolished. The rest had to pay up, with the Sonko Rescue team strategically placed at these buildings to cause intimidation until money was paid.

Babu Owino has urged Mike Sonko not to engage him intellectually as he has no time to respond to academic orphans. He further reveals that Nairobi is one big extortion market for Mike Sonko who kills and destroys all for money.

Babu Owino adds that Nairobi Governor uses his gang of well-known armed
criminals to threaten, abuse and force people into paying up protection
fees for their hard earned money.

“This path, paid for by blood and lives
of those close to Mike Sonko will simply not end well” Babu Owino quipped.

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