Breaking News: Ruto threatens to quit Jubilee


Deputy President William Ruto has threatened to quit Jubilee Party over what he calls as ‘unnecessary backbiting’ by the Opposition Chief,Raila Amolo Odinga. William Ruto accuses Raila Odinga of being the stumbling block to the leadership of the Jubilee government.

The Deputy President has also blamed Raila Odinga for linking his name to any scandal that erupts in the country. He challenges the Orange Democractic Movement leader to explain to the public the whereabout of 11 Billion shillings that disappeared under his watch as the Prime Minister of the country.

“Tinga is busy telling lies about the person of William Ruto.The handshake is all about destroying what we have really worked hard for as Jubilee. I may be forced to call it a quit and leave him hover around with his evil agenda in the party” Ruto said.

Speaking in a Nairobi Hotel,William Ruto has urged Rift Valley politicians not to engage the opposition in unnecessary debates. He insists that ODM’s agenda is to ensure that he does not ascend to presidency  at all costs.

“We can all see what the old man is up to in the government.He initiated the handshake to bring confusion in a stable government” Ruto added.

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  1. Quoting Jubilee would mean conceding deputy presidency and I don’t know if he’s aware of that.
    I think we Kenyans must rise up and desist from buying these politicians propaganda which are dangerous for the Nation’s harmonious coexistence.
    I have been asking myself if Kaca is nowadays controlled by Rao,thus nolonger an independent institution?
    If Kaca raids Kipchumba Murkomen’s house and found sh20M hidden under mattress,Rao is brought into political equation to provoke the public psyche and I think this is reckless,shortsighted and dangerous for the good of the Nation.
    Kaca have got detectives and if they act and found such money in the house,then it could be argued they were acting on some crucial leads in connection with DCI and let’s let them do their work freely.
    Let’s try to be sobber in our politicking and sensitive of the Nation’s good,though with graft war we still expect a lot of theatrics since this monster seems to be fighting back violently but Jesus is the King,saviour and elshaddai.


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