Breaking News:Activist Omtata seeks court interpretation on Ruto’s ownership of Weston Hotel Land


There will be a sigh of relief if Court rules in favor of activist Okiya Omtata petition seeking for the demolition of Weston Hotel in a period not exceeding 414 hours.

Activist Okiya Omtata demands Deputy President William Ruto be compelled by court of law in apologizing to the public for handling stolen property.


In a statement, Activist Omtata says “This is the same problem other Kenyans are facing with titles that were issued on govt land or riparian land without the buyer’s knowledge. Their properties are being brought down. So if Ruto was not aware of any anomalies with the title that does not hold any water if we have to go by what other Kenyans are dealing with on the same matter”

The ownership of the controversial Weston Hotel was finally put to rest after Ahmednassir Abdullahi, the lawyer for the Deputy President William Ruto, disclosed how the land was purchased.

“Our client is a bona fide purchaser for value. If there is any defect on the title, our client was not aware of it. The allottee has a valid grant obtained from Government, on which was endorsed the transfer to our client,” Ahmednassir told court.

Deputy President William Ruto has admitted that the land on which Weston Hotel sits was illegally acquired by the original owner.

He said he purchased the 0.773 ha plot legally as an “innocent purchaser”.

During an Interview on BBC’s Hardtalk, Ruto said it is unfortunate that the saga surrounding the acquisition of the land has been amplified to “imply that the hotel occupies half of Nairobi”.

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“For the record, the National Land Commission has made a finding that Weston was an innocent purchaser for value from somebody who got it illegally and reparations have been made constitutionally to restore the land to Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. Those who sold the land to us must pay,” he said.

Last month the commission said it had established that the DP’s Weston Hotel is built on public land belonging to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

The commission wants Ruto compelled to pay for the plot opposite Wilson Airport at the current market rate.

Last year it was valued at Sh300 million.

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