Breaking News:Chinese trillionare deported after calling Ruto ‘an irredeemable mongoloid’


Kenyan government has today deported a Chinese based tycoon, Xeng Yang after he referred to the Deputy President of the republic as an irredeemable mongoloid. Xeng Yang is famously known after the Kenyan government rejected his 30 billion dollar proposal deal last year in exchange with the Nairobi city.

Xeng Yang received criticisms from African nations after publicly claiming in an interview conducted by the African Daily in 2018 that he has enough money to feed the African continent for 21 days and still remain with pocket change to waste on loose women.

Chinese tycoon, Xeng Yang was ready to offer a multi-billion deal to Kenya in exchange with the Nairobi city for a period of not more than 5 years.

Trillionare Xeng had revealed of his intention to turn the city into a hub of cybernetics and develop electronic machines and human brains work.

The Chinese tycoon had pleaded with the Kenyan government to agree to his deal as it will be of mutual benefit to both parties at the end of five years.In a defensive statement, Kenyan president said that it will be difficult to run the country  with all the loans they have received from China.

The Kenyan government rejected Trillionare Xeng Yang proposal on arrival terming the deal as frivolous since Nairobi is the capital city of the country hence could not be sold out at all costs.

The Kenyan deputy president, William Ruto has warned Chinese investors against taking advantage of Africa as the government will not allow.

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