Breaking News:Okiya Omtata seeks court interpretation on the role of the opposition


Activist Okiya Omtata is again in the court corridors to seek interpretation on the actual role of the Opposition. The activist has blamed Raila Odinga for falling prey to President Uhuru Kenyatta allowing the government to sodomize the taxpayers without any protection.

Okiya Omtata has further threatened to file a case calling for the disbandment of the Jubilee government and the country’s opposition to prevent the systematic looting of taxpayers money. “The government and the opposition are milking the country dry.It is our duty to stop them before things go sour. So absurd that they are looting with no mercy” Omtata said in a statement.

There is a general opinion expressed sporadically that Kenya does not have an effective Opposition. Some people go further to suggest that a “responsible” Opposition should tell the Government how to correct its mistakes and hence how to run the country. All these opinions are wrong. They miss the point regarding the role of the Opposition in a competitive multiple party democracy.

In such a democracy the Opposition is the government “in waiting” not the actual government. It prepares itself and waits to take over from the existing government either when the latter falls before elections or when it is defeated at elections. In the meantime it is the cardinal duty of the Opposition to expose all the weaknesses, misdeeds, failures, acts of incompetence and disservice to the people by the incumbent government.

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