Circumcision to be mandatory-Sudi drafts bill to parliament


Parliament member Oscar Sudi said in media statements that he is preparing a new bill that will compel all males to be circumcised by the age of 18, resulting in controversy among members.

He said that his suggestion came to help the government prevent election violence in the country, explaining that “instead of applying unnecessary force by the government to curb election violence, circumcision should be made mandatory for all males in the country  .”

“If you are to follow cases that concern election violence in this country, all of them have been associated with regions that do not practice circumcision,” said Oscar Sudi.

“There are fears that attempting to introduce mandatory circumcision might violate people’s freedom but if it’s for the better good, then the bill should be passed,” he added.

He was speaking during a consultative meeting at a Nairobi Hotel on Saturday morning.

The bill will be addressing the youths, not the politicians, and it is yet to be submitted to the parliament’s administration for discussion.

“My bill comes to preserve the future of those young people as they are victims of election violence and not criminals.Police records have also shown, incidences of election violence are rampant  in areas that do not practice circumcison, with 122 cases recorded in the 2017 General election. ,” said Mr Sudi.

On the other hand, members of Parliament have shown signs of rejecting the bill, saying that it will cause harm to the society as a whole, and that those compelled to undergo circumcision might even commit suicide.

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