Congratulations Mheshimiwa! Politicians ‘graduate’ in style ahead of 2022(Pictures)


After promulgation of the 2010 constitution, devolution came. It created various political seats with the purpose of bringing services closer to the people. 2013 came and Kenyans moved to the ballot to elect different leaders in various created positions.

Some are still serving up to now whereas some were relieved off duties during the past 2017 general elections.

On Friday May 24, 2019, the serving political leaders graduated in style ahead of the next 2022 general polls courtesy of Kenyans on Twitter. From Members of Parliament to Governors, all were glowing in mockery graduation gowns, not for serving better but doing more harm than worse!

Photos of the leaders in graduation gowns with a caption “Congratulations class of 2022” floated the Internet.

The MPs’ congratulatory messages from Kenyans on Twitter were drawn from their greedy for heavy perks, with a Ksh 250,000 house allowances dominating the talks. Kenyans lauded them for working hard to deserve the allowances, citing that they deserved more, at least ksh 500,000 for their job.

Governors featured in the graduation for their corrupt nature and bad leadership. They also featured for working for their own interests and building themselves high-end mansions as Kenyans continue to suffer. Some Kenyans even wondered how some governors got to power citing their incompetence.

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