Considering the state of the youths,NEA appointment was a shrewd one,City lawyer Karen Nyamu.


Labour CS Ukur Yattani yesterday appointed former Othaya MP Mary Wabui to be the chairperson of the National Employment Authority for the next three years, a decision that has raised a candid discussion on the position of the youths in this country. Wambui’s appointment was made through a public gazette notice dated October 14,2019 from the office of the president.

Kenyans on Twitter took to their usual jabs to show their dissatisfaction with the appointment with the majority of them citing favor and a thin line of consideration to demands of the youth as the unemployment rate continue to balloon.

“once again I thank the president for ‘seriously’ giving back to the youths by appointing a ‘cucu’ to be the NEA chairperson. His legacy will surely be written in the hymns of progress,” read one of the tweets from Bernard isackKe.

Pundits urge that with recent state appointments over time, that has formed a bedrock of the massive criticism of the handshake and rigorous pinpointing of the BBI Initiative as a self-entitlement tossed dice. Further, they have rendered most of the people constantly questioning the presidents’ legacy including the Big Four Agenda.

Nairobi hopeful and city lawyer Karen Nyamu explains that even time, economic hardships need hope, not just struggles. “The president promised the youths parastatal and state jobs in his manifesto during the 2017 campaign, he owes them the ‘serikali ya vijana’. Seeing a trending hashtag Dear Uhuru Kenyatta is already a sign of what they really want because as of their part, they delivered because they voted. Appointments like this, are what actually give them hope and make them realize that they matter and they have a role to play in the running of the national government. What happened yesterday, is just sad.” She says

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Other appointees were Jeremiah Matangaro as the chairman, Wakogi Wanjiku as the secretary and Winfred Kaburu, Cecil Kuyo, Cyrus Gituai, Tom maina Macharia, Roselyn Tumpeyo as the members.


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