Deadbeat Dad, I had a brief relationship with William Ruto that resulted in getting knocked up- Terryane Chebet

Terryanne Chebet, a speaker and moderator now says she is singlehandedly raising her 13 year old daughter after her dad who happens to be the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya denied impregnating her. “The day I told him about the pregnancy, he panicked and said he wasn’t ready for the responsibility. He was free to handle the information whichever way he saw fit. And he did — he vanished” Terryanne said.
Terryanne Chebet is forking out Kes 726,600 per term to educate her daughter at one of the best international schools in Kenya. Her daughter, Imani is a a pupil at Pembroke House.
“The kid is now 13 years old, I have singlehandedly raised her and it hasn’t been easy. I’ve never received so much as a ‘just checking on you’ message from the father in all this time ” she added.
He is still the selfish boy he was when we met. My daughter has never asked me about his dad and I’m not sure I want to explain all this to her” Terryanne added.
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