DEEP : Street boy to Degree , a story of Silvan Hosea


My father died in 1995 and my mother 2003, since then I have passed through a lot of challenges,life hasn’t been easy especially living with relatives whom in one way or another took advantage of me due to my situation, because I was an Orphan when registering for my class 8 examination my uncles complicated my names such that the one in certificate of primary education did not tally with that in birth certificate .

I sat for the Kenya certificate of secondary education twice in 2011 and 2014. Things got worse after my KCSE in 2011 and worse after 2014. I got a C plain in the first result and my uncle in Nairobi told me to travel to Nairobi so that he takes me to a college,I felt very happy not knowing what was awaiting ahead. I traveled to Nairobi with an aim of pursuing a Diploma course in Criminology and security. Things didn’t go well, I was told that my school documents were nowhere to be found and what followed was to be enrolled in a computer course which was to last one month in which afterward I was to start my own life.I didn’t have otherwise but to be submissive.

I was turned into a slave, doing hard tasks such that I was forced to skip classes. One day I fell sick and so I fell to complete a task which I was obligated to do, my uncle didn’t accept any explanation and chased me out of his house, it was at night so I waited till morning. The next day I packed all my belongings, I had only Kshs   200note, I boarded a vehicle to Mathare slum in order to seek refuge in my friend’s house (was still living with his parents). Unfortunately I didn’t get my friend where they used to live,they had moved to a different estate,I had no option and in my entire life during the night it was my first time to spend night in cold and it was that night that I was robbed everything I had the thieves didn’t consider my state, when I tried to plead with them because I had no money,I received a blow on the face.

Next day I started walking not knowing where I was going to. I tried to explain my problems to people but no one was ready to help, maybe they thought I was a conman or something. I went two days without food except for water that I drank from a hotel where I pretended that I wanted to order a meal.I grew weak and tired,I saw a piece of rotten bread in a kiosk corridor and I courageously picked it because I was afraid to die of anger.In the evening it was another time to spend in the cold,I coiled myself in a verandah in which a G4s guard chased me away,I can’t remember the words he uttered but he was very harsh on me,I saw a group of young boys gathered in the opposite direction and one of them called me and asked me to join them,they thought I was also a street boy from another place since my clothes were already looking like theirs,I accepted because I knew they would beat me up on discovering I was not one of them.

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In the morning very early we moved together and took me to a place where there was a chunk of garbage, one of them told me that was the only way of survival as he picked small pieces of metal and placing them in a sack,I did the same but since I didn’t have a sack we placed in one sack and in the evening we sold the pieces to scrape where I realized money was issued depending on the weight in the sack. In short, I became used to life until around Jully 2012 when I dissociated from street life and used the little I was secretly saving to buy clothes and the rest I used in buying sweets.

I used the money I had secretly saved in buying clothes and the remaining I bought sweets and later utensils which I used to hawk door to door, from Dandora to Kariobangi, Gomongo to Lakisama, Mathare to Eastleigh and many other places. I later joined some fellows who sold plastic bowls but were form four leavers,I joined their company and we were paid on a commission basis, life was becoming more complicated to me. On December after Christmas 2012 I decided to travel to my upcountry with an aim of coming back to Nairobi but unfortunately, I couldn’t raise the transport back.

I ended up splitting firewood for sale in the village, digging and weeding people’s farm in the village for survival until March 2013 when my uncle in Eldoret called to go help him do a certain business.I traveled to Eldoret and realized that the job in which I was called to assist was a Shylock job in which we were issuing loans to people and confiscated the electronic items of those who failed to pay back.I was still yearning to go back to school despite being disappointed and my first documents misplaced,I shared with him my urge of going back to school and good God he accepted.I went back to school and was enrolled in second term form 3, Racecourse Secondary in Eldoret. Though the school had no library and laboratory equipment I worked hard, during the holidays I assisted my uncle in his job. Things went well until when I requested to be left free so that I focus in my studies hell broke loose, from then my fees was poorly paid,I was sent severally for school fees at home but no serious action was taken.It was this time that I started thinking of possible options,I applied bursaries and sometimes I could dorge classes in order to look for manual works at construction sites famously known as “mjengo”.Area mca hon.Muyia really assisted me in terms of bursary allocation to finish my studies. The results were out in 2015 and with all the struggles I managed a genuine C+, I didn’t know what next since I was alone and no one was behind my success.

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I continued doing the hard job of “mjengo”, working in a hotel in peeling potatoes and digging people’s farm in Yamumbi area in Eldoret and managed to secure a single house made of mad in which I paid 1000kshs with no electricity.I got a calling letter from Moi University to pursue some degree course but choose to enroll at Kisii University not knowing where the fee would come from.As i study during the day at night i worked at a security company as a guard(I have the photo for memory).I was almost missing my first year’s examination,I had only paid 10,000Kshs and I had to clear the remaining balance to be able to sit for exams.I tried sending facebook messages to the President’s page, Raila’s page but got no reply,I also tried accessing Uasin Gishu’s governor office inoder to see if I could be helped to avail none of my relatives responded to my call.

I thought of a certain white man(Norwegian) -Tom Fjermedal, deeply rooted in Christ who used to visit my uncle in Nairobi many years down the line while I was still young and wherever he came my uncle could chase my brother and I away and lock us in a balcony, good enough I remembered his name and I sent him a message via Facebook and explained all that I have been going through, he was really touched and promised to cater for all my fees. Extra money he sent for my survival I sent to my brother who is jobless at home to survive on.I continued working as security at night and a student by day till I recently completed my studies and graduate with a Degree in Criminology and security and managed to attain Second class Honours Upper Division.

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My request to the government is that they should not ignore street children,some of them can still make it to great people in Kenya because not all of them are in the street for fun but due to hardship, it’s only that they have not gotten an opportunity to express themselves and don’t know whom to explain their problems to.Their’s an urgent need of putting in place some mentorship programs for the street children which will enable them to express themselves and tap their talents.To everyone out there be an optimist who sees opportunity in every  difficulty, believe in yourself and God and you will be able to turn around every negative situation to positivity and this is the only way to change the world.+254727529277.

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