Developing: Armed robbers break into Ruto’s safe in Sugoi, millions disappear


Police are hunting down an unknown number of armed robbers who broke into Deputy President William Ruto’s safe house in Sugoi and managed to scamper away with millions of cash.

Detectives who assembled at the scene at around  11.58 pm on Wednesday night suspect the thieves spent nearly one hour drilling the hole before gaining access to the main safe during the incident.

Detectives say they are investigating how the criminals entered the building which had a gate that was locked and there were no signs of break in. “Thieves hope to reap from where they didn’t sow. They thought there was a lot of money in the safe but
this was not the case, there was only few notes, amounting to around 2.1 million” said” said detective Seth Tum.

More to follow:

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