Devine installation and progression of Miracle Monday service


The history of Installation of Miracle Monday service at Nairobi CBD is drawn from the Jesus Christ spiritual life on earth in decades ago.

Rev Lucy Natasha , overseer miracle Monday service

The senior overseer of Miracle Monday ministry Rev Lucy Natasha alias ‘oracle of God’ postulated to play a contemporary role in continuation of early Christian community established by Jesus Christ.

Apparentlymany have questioned why the sevice is held on Mondays when many people at work . Rev Natasha has disputed this reaffirming Christ quotation. She extracts the book of Exodus 20:8 which says ‘obey the Sabbath day and keep it holy’. This specific afromentioned date was not stated hence through knowledge from servants of God, they perceive it to be any day in the week.

Excellence and passion defines Rev Lucy Natasha. She has go
ne down to history as a dedicated preacher who is willing to do all she can to spread the word of God internationally.

The outspoken preacher, cognizant of the digital world we living in, Rev Natasha uses all media platforms to share the Gospel, such as on her Facebook page , YouTube platform which have been showered by millions of followers .

Thousands of prayers have been offered for healing, salvation and deliverance from burdens and trouble. In addition, anyone going into ministry, who believes that prayer works, is welcome to come to any of the Monday services and to use these as a tool to train for his or her own ministry. So far, Miracle Monday Ministries has reached millions of people across the world.

Through her ministerial duty , She has also won an award in Accra, Ghana due to her great job in the Natasha Hand of Compassion which helps reach the less privileged, challenged and hopeless in the society

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The miracle Monday service workers exude excellence and one would think her stewards are members of Kenya defence forces.

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