By Dorcas Sarkozy

It is Sunday “Church Day” – time for another session of DorKuSpeaks. This session is a markedly different one.

It is an open letter – from a husband to a wife; from a woman to a man; from life partners – one to another. While the letter has religions/spiritual overtones, it is motivated by my rendition of an outpouring of emotions I was privy to. The heartfelt share reminded me of the true meaning of partnerships and the work that goes into creating the foundation and bond between two people AND the work that goes into maintaining said bond – also between the two.

My Dear Wife/Husband and Life Partner,

“Till Death Do Us Apart”.

That’s what we promised, promised one to another.

Come rain or sunshine.

In sickness and in health; whether rich or poor.

We promised to be with one another – whether near or far – in thought, spirit and in deed. Who said that integrity and commitment is what one does away from prying eyes? Maybe the same person who offered that whatever is done in darkness eventually comes to light.

I know that MLK said that one cannot drive away darkness with darkness!

The commitment was to stick by one another – especially in difficult times – to bring luminosity into the occasional darkness that is life and living.

If I cannot be weak in front of you – who can I be weak in front of – and if you cannot be weak in front of me – who can you be weak in front of?

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If we cannot be weak to each other – who can we be weak to?

If we cannot run to each other for help, comfort and shelter – who can we run to?

No wo/man is an island.

Remember that thing about imperfect beings making a commitment in front of other imperfect beings – trying to perfect a perfect union – blessed by a Perfect God?

That is what we promise/d – one to another.

I cannot do it without you – even though I oftentimes think that I can.

I cannot do alone – even though I did – before I met you; before you become an integral part of me; an endearing part of my life.

Whenever I turn to or run to you, I do so not because I cannot do it alone; without you – on my own.

I turn and run to you because, in you, there is the respite that I have always wanted; that I oftentimes need; that we oftentimes need – all of us.

You are the other half of the yoke that equalizes that which bonds the two of us – man and woman; husband and wife – as one.

Remember strong when you are weak – and weak when you are strong? This balance; the yin and yang; is why you are such an essential part of me.

You’ve remained my rock – at those most inopportune times – importantly in ethos and character – and increasingly less so – indeed – because you’ve been a true friend and partner.

And for that, I am eternally grateful – to you but importantly, to the Lord for bringing us together.

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Through Him, a lot has been made possible – even when a lot appeared impossible.

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