Esther Passairis striped by angry youth in Huruma slum


Shock, wonder, and amusement were witnessed at Huruma social hall after the Nairobi women rep was stripped naked by angry Huruma slum youth who felt disappointed by the women rep for failure to offer them money. The incident which occurred today afternoon at the Huruma social hall left everyone in shock as the Nairobi women rep was left in disgust, disbelief and total nakedness in the entire congregation.

The Nairobi women rep who had attended the youth self-help group fundraising ceremony at the Huruma social Hall in Huruma slum had contributed a little amount at the ceremony. This prompted angry youth who felt disappointed by the Nairobi women rep’s little contribution and demanded extra cash.

Her failure to respond to the angry youth claims prompted them to indulge in a forceful action that resulted in her being stripped naked in a crowd of people within the hall. The efforts of her security men were in a vain as they were outnumbered by the youths who demanded to grab her purse and ran away with the inside possession.

This incident occurred after numerous claims that indicate that the Nairobi Women rep has been showing little efforts in fund-raising programs that she lays feet in. Two youths were arrested during the incident and are being held at the Huruma police station where they will answer to claims of assault

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