Find out why Akothee cancelled her much anticipated ‘tour’


In a dramatic turn of events, madam boss Akothee has disappointed fans with her announcement that she won’t be able to make it with her son for the Safari this month. Madam boss who has different baby addies co-parents with them and ensures she spends as much time with them as she can.

The CEO and mother of five had heightened fans hopes at meeting her and her son Oyoo later this month on 26th July while traveling with her company Akothee Safaris.

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The much-anticipated trip has been postponed after Oyoo texted her asking if they could postpone it to when it’s winter in Europe, perhaps around October. Here are the texts;

Momma bear had no option but to oblige. Her love for her kids knows no bounds. But she posted a sincere apology to fans for the cancellation.

While most will be disappointed by the news, it is the little boy who she had promised to take with them on Safari who will most probably get the biggest blow. The little guy made her day when he featured in a funny video saying Akothee betrayed Jesus.

Check out the funny video that trended for a while in the country:

All everyone can do now is wait on further details and hopeful rescheduling of the trip.

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