Gender descrimination at cop bank, employee cry for her money after maternity leave


From Cooperative Bank customer

It is a Crime to Give Birth While Employed at Cooperative Bank of Kenya

Kindly highlight an issue that has been weighing heavily on Co-operative bank employees. I’d like to remain anonymous. The bank has a rather useless appraisal system that acts like a cartel of sorts.

The targets are very unrealistic & its with certainity one can not meet let alone exceed them. It’s quite unfortunate especially if you are a female staff and you went on maternity leave, best believe you’ll be ranked lower than your counterparts in the department.

Is it a crime to bear a child that it means you’ll miss out on the bonus?? When you work hard and your efforts are not being appreciated, its no wonder there’s rampant theft by employees especially at the branch.

The bank usually performs exceptionally well but the management decides to ‘moderate’ people for shitty reasons they can’t explain. Kindly seek an explanation on our behalf from management. Thanks for being a man of the people.

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