Governor Sonko bitten by stray dog in Riverside


Police are investigating an incident where Governor Sonko was attacked by a stray dog in Riverside. The Governor is nursing serious injuries after a stray dog bit his left leg. Sonko was trying  to stop the stray dog from attacking his favorite dog known as Evans. He was walking his dog when the Stray dog cross charged at them.

The dog’s jaws latched on Evans and then it bit  Governor Sonko on the left leg as he tried to get it off.Several passers-by heard the commotion and ran over to help.

“The dog came running over and it locked on to the side of my dog and wanted to kill him. I had my left leg in its mouth and was kicking it in the head to try to get it to stop. I was hitting the dog and it was having no effect. It just wanted to kill Evans .“I have seen dogs bite before but this was just different” Governor Sonko spoke out.

The dog was finally brought under control when the Governor’s personal bodyguard came with with a stick which he used to scare it away.

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