Harrison Mumia, the president of Atheists Society in Kenya Caught having the conjugal moments with the AIK assistant secretary Jeptum.


The president of the atheists society in Kenya, Harrison Mumia, has been in the lime light of the social media and formed a delicacy part of the online users after he was spotted in a lodging along the Koinange Street in Nairobi with one of the AIK officials, Jeptum, who has been rumoured to be appointed as the assistant secretary, courtesy of her colossal beauty look. Jeptum who is now serving her second month in the office, has been with the same decibels of energy ricocheting to Harrison Mumia.

The connection was fastened and catalyst by a man who was very close to Jeptum, and this gave him a pro bono promotion to serve as the Treasurer.

Remember, the outgoing officials including the quick witted Alex, were all purged out and forcefully removed from the office by Harrison who were against his immoral activities.

Harrison Mumia is not only known for his cheap publicity but he has remained to be the stampede of moral decay for engaging in horizontal engineering with any human being having a Thatched ATM.

He has strangled the society to its knees and many intellectual members are quitting the society at Usain bolt speed. He has ordered those who still follow him to worship and bow down unto him to save their future stay in the AIK. Anyone who seems to question his moral standards is unceremoniously removed from the society.

Harrison Mumia is a scam and disgrace to atheists.

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