How Governor Mike Sonko completely transformed Pumwani Hospital


Pumwani Maternity Hospital is a referral maternity hospital located on the east of Nairobi City. The hospital was recently on the spot over claims that there is selling and swapping of babies. Pumwani Maternity hospital- where Uhuru Kenyatta was born- was said to be a one-stop baby shop. Since Mike Sonko suspended the top staff of Pumwani Hospital, things look to have changed completely.

The Hospital was founded in 1926 by a Charitable Organization called Lady Grigg Welfare League and was named Lady Grigg Maternity.  In 1928 the first permanent building was put up at the Hospital and later some extensions were made to give the Hospital a bed capacity of   27. Today, it is an Obstetric and referral hospital for delivery of expectant mothers in Nairobi, and adjoining districts.  It has more than 354 Obstetric beds, more than 144 baby cots, and  Theatres.  Daily normal deliveries are 50 – 100, and Caesarean Sections are 10 – 15.


Geoffrey Mosiria with Governor Mike Sonko

Geoffrey Mosiria Omatoke was appointed the administrator Pumwani maternity hospital sometime back, being a close confidant of Mike Sonko, this has led to radical changes in the facility. Now that everyone is talking about the transformed Pumwani Maternity Hospital under its administrator Geoffrey Mosiria, it should be noted that Mike Sonko happened to appoint someone close to him to make sure there are efficient operations at the facility.  A recent survey by Africa Health Organisation and Institutes ranked Pumwani Maternity Hospital as among the best performing Maternal Homes for Mothers in Africa.

When flamboyant Nairobi CEO Mike Sonko said that he will use the youth to transform the face of Nairobi, it first sounded as unrealistic owing the town’s history of being grabbed to the hands of cartels. Nairobi governor was true to his word when he decided to hand one Geoffrey Mosiria the administrative job in Kenya’s famous maternity hospital pumwani. Like a rainmaker in umofia, Mosiria may need no introduction at all. His deeds are conspicuous to both allies and foes.

Mosiria at the facility during inspection

When you walk into Pumwani maternity hospital today, the sight of what gets the eye is clear that there has been a tremendous change that has taken place. Nairobi and Kenya’s youngest administrator works under the county government of Nairobi. Sonko was not wrong to prove what we call the cartels’ wrong when he entrusted a youth with the task. This has seen several keys and influential persons apply for administrative jobs in the facility however Mike Sonko says works with the principle of if you fail to reward the intelligence of the youth, then you are encouraging mediocrity.

Unlike other counties that are characterized by tribalism, greedy land grabbing tendencies and selfish elitists, opportunist completely detached from the common Mwananchi! Mike Sonko through this young man has shown regard for the rule of law and has done away with era and aura of cartels that plundered the hospital to its knees.

Mosiria has brought a new dimension and face to Kenya’s oldest and vibrant maternal unit Pumwani through flamboyant Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, the young man has spent sleepless nights playing his administrative role by what administrators call the MBWA management method which means management by walking around. A nurse in the facility says: “Mosiria is always here by 6 am and leaves at around 10 pm and may pop in any time to inspect the work courtesy of the governor, this facility is lucky because it’s under the control of a young man full of energy and that why things are moving.”

The now state of beddings in Pumwani

The facilities wards can now accommodate extra patients all courtesy of Nairobi County administration.

The current facelift and renovations have attracted several patients within Nairobi and its environs. Most of the most affluent people we know in Kenya were all born in Pumwani despite their constant criticism of the facility.

The director Pumwani Hospital Geoffrey Mosiria told us that Outpatient services are soon going to be launched by the governor himself through an advanced and well-coordinated program to manage the long queues.

Those criticizing the facility should at least accept the outcome and the changes, if you can’t beat them, please join them. Sonko has proved through young blood and that potential to transform things is all about good leadership.

The once Pumwani hospital that on verge o collapsing is on rise. Some times back, we established that the booming baby business at the largest maternity hospital in East and Central Africa was delivered with the management allegedly in the know of the goings-on.

Let’s have a view of Pumwani Hospital in pictures


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