How Innocent Rev Lucy Natasha Rose To A Powerful Celebrity



Powerful and influential Nairobi city preacher Rev Lucy Natasha alias Oracle of God. She has now become talk of the town not because of her elegance and dazzling face but also the way she excludes excellence while relaying scriptures and messages.

Apparently , one would be forgiven for thinking that Natasha came from a dynasty .

She was born on 24th of July though she has never shared details of her birth year. She was born in a family of 3 alongside her brother Shafique and Sister Shipra. They were all brought up in Huruma slums, Eastlands.

Natasha schooled at Umoja for her lower studies.

Despite her being brought up in a humble background, she worked as a promoter and merchandiser in one of the supermarkets during her school holidays. She later went to further her higher learning education in South Africa where she pursued Public Relations and theology.

At the age of 19, Rev Natasha says, a certain preacher foresaw a prophet in the homestead. After consistent prayers, the revelation came to pass and she began speaking frequently leading a lot of preachings and ministerial sermons.

She is Considered by many as the Nairobi’s hottest pastor, Rev Natasha lives an amazing lifesyle with a lot of expensive cars, security men and a private jet. She has been using them to travel across the world to preach the gospel.

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