How to Grow Your Hair Faster Overnight


Most hair grows no more than half an inch each month, but it doesn’t mean you can’t speed up the process. Here are the most effective ways to kick follicles into high gear and get longer hair fast.

Massage your scalp

Strong hair equals to strong scalp. Recent studies shows that daily scalp massages increase hair thickness.  If you really want to grow your hair fast, spend five minutes a day massaging your scalp.

Scalp massage feel great and helps stimulate blood circulation. It also mobilizes oils from the scalp that strengthen the roots and keep your hair moist.

A scalp massage with a stimulant like coconut oil greatly enhances the chances of your hair growing long and strong. Coconut oil is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients and is a natural hair conditioner.

Avoid extensions

If the goal is to make your hair to grow fast, only use extensions for special occasions and for short periods of time. Clip-ins is okay as long as they are applied properly and removed when you get home. The extra weight can rip your hair out at the root. The same goes for permanent extensions.

Brush your hair for not more than five to 10 minutes every day

Constant brushing causes physical harm to your hair. When you detangle wet hair, start from the bottom and work your way up — often, people instinctually go from the scalp down, but that just brings small tangles into one large knot and can cause you to lose a lot of hair.

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Most women are convinced that the secret to long and healthy hair is brushing it incessantly. There are others who are scared that brushing hair will lead to hair fall, and avoid combing their hair unless explicitly required.

Lower Your Stress Levels with a comfy bed and billow

Stress, caused by physiological or psychological factors, negatively affects the health and growth of hair.  High stress is a common cause of hair fall, and this means your hair strands are not growing to their full potential in the anlagen stage.

Avoid stress by practicing yoga, meditation and stress relieving exercises regularly. Get at least eight hours of sleep every day, and do something that relaxes your mind, like reading  book or listening to your favorite music.

Ditch cotton pillowcase for Silk pillow covers

Switch from regular cotton pillow covers to silk covers satin fabric. Silk is smoother and causes less friction. This means that you’ll wake up with fewer tangles because it has a softer surface that won’t cause friction the way that regularly woven cotton does with your hair.

Use hair-boosting supplements like biotin

Before doing this, consult a specialist to find what supplements will work best for your hair. Your body requires many vital nutrients to create new hair, from ample protein to a slew of essential minerals.

Ensure you get adequate natural nutrition for it is important for the growth of your hair. It is also beneficial to supplement it with artificial enhancements that will help boost hair growt . A variety of supplements like biotin and multivitamin tablets are best suited for women aspiring for long and strong hair.

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Apply mild moisturizing conditioners

Apply a decent amount of conditioner to your hair after every shampoo wash. Your hair is a reflection of yourself. That is why so many women spend hours trying to keep their hair perfectly shiny and smooth.

While most women will wash their hair with shampoo, they fail to see the importance of a good conditioner. It helps replace lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft, and also seals the cuticle to help your hair grow longer. Deep conditioning and reconstructing treatments help hydrate hair strands, repair damaged hair by eliminating fizziness and dullness. These conditioning treatments help to create healthy hair while adding length, manageability, volume, and shine to it.

Drink eight glasses of water daily

Ensure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Drinking water is good for your entire body. It flushes out toxins and helps the body function properly. Since your hair relies on the rest of your body to keep it hydrated, it is essential to make sure you are always hydrated.

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