I hired professional CV writers and they changed my life

cv writing in Kenya

My opinion and experience with CV Writing Services in Kenya was the best. I am a structural engineering graduate. I sent them the CV request and they immediately gave me a call.  They said for writing the CV and the Cover Letter I was going to pay only Ksh2,000. They promised to make make changes based on my skills until was satisfied with the services happy with their work.

To sum it up, a guy called Billy at CV Writers in Kenya really helped me, him and other staff would consult me through whatsapp, phone calls and emails; the end result is that my CV and Cover Letter turned out to be the best and was looking so professional. I have been called several times for interviews and last November I got hired as a Technical Officer at a construction company.

Since then, I realized that a well formatted CV is one of the best investments someone can make. Your CV speaks before you do. Thus, if you have a flawing CV that can pass the applicant tracking systems you will get many chances of your CV landing in the hands of recruiters and HR consultants. Investing in a good CV and Cover Letter writing services like CV writing in Kenya, where we charge anywhere from 1,500 to 3,500 depending on your years of experience and level of expertise  can land you interview and then a job of about more than Ksh100,000s.

You can also check with guys at Professional CV writers in Kenya.

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