“I want his head” Matiang’i proposes hanging to the statehouse intruder, says it will serve as an example to other terrorists


Interior Cabinet Secretary, Dr Fred Matiang’i has warned members of the public against plotting evil schemes against the government as they will be in his long arms before they realize it. Matiang’i in a statement has promised to ensure Brian Bera Kibet, a fifth year JKUAT student who invaded statehouse with an aim of strangling  the country’s number one in command, gets it rough since he committed a capital offence.

“We will apply the rule of no mercy to the merciless. If you ask me what we are planning to do with the assassin, I will definitely tell you of his deletion since he is a threat to national security. Time for spoonfeeding terrorists with court procedures should surely end in this country” Matiang’i stated.

On “social injustices”, the JKUAT student who hails from Mt. Elgon blamed “foreigners” who have invaded his ancestral land. “Foreigners leave my land. Foreigners leave my inheritance. You have
robbed me the last 24 to 25 years of my life. You have persecuted me from my childhood, from my mother’s womb up to now,” he posted.

The Mechanical Engineering student was sure police officers would not kill him, “they cannot kill me, because if they kill me, my people will kill them.” His threats were accompanied by Bible verses. “Deuteronomy 20:8- And the officers shall speak further to the people, and say, what man is there that is fearful and fainthearted? Let him go back to his
house, lest the heart of his fellows melt as his heart.’

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