Jalang’o escapes death by a whisker after being busted with AP’s wife


Comedian Felix Odiwuor famously known as Mzee Jalong’o almost got lynched by angry villagers after he was busted ‘hammering’ a nominated county rep.The county rep is married to an administration policeman.

On learning about his wife’s affair with the comedian, the AP gathered some villagers to the venue of the ‘act.’

Jalang’o had to dart through a fence to escape the angry mob.


Power Play has learnt that Parliament’s recent decision to hire more female employees has been quite an inspiration to the male species that frequent the August house.

According to our moles, there has been a rush by each of the men to at least get in the good books of the babes to an extent that some report to work very early to either buy them breakfast or book them for lunch.

This trend has also caught up with male MPs, who are now hanging around the canteen longer than usual.

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