Jared Ombongi:Lilian Muli hatosheki


Shabana FC Chairman, Mr Jared Ombongi now says his ex-wife,Lilian Muli Kanene was a very hard woman to understand. Speaking for the second time since the fall of his relationship with Citizen TV anchor, Lilian Muli Kanene,Mr Jared Ombongi has urged married women to respect their husbands.

“A husband is a special gift from the creator. Getting a man to marry you as a woman is just a favor. Many of these men wish to remain single for the rest of their lives as one of the ways of avoiding pressure and unnecessary bickering” Jared Ombongi said in a statement.

The Shabana FC Chairman has blamed his ex wife, Lilian Muli of being insecure in their marriage.He cites various cases where Lilian Muli repeatedly scrutinized his iPhone without any permission from him.

“Lilikuwa jambo la kukera kumuona aliyekuwa muke wangu akikosa kuniamini katika ndoa yetu.Lilian Muli hatosheki kamwe.Nilijaribu kadri ya uwezo wangu kuokoa ndoa yetu lakini sikuweza” Mr Ombongi continued to state in Swahili.

Lilian Muli accused the Shabana FC Chairman of being a community husband. She bitterly linked Jared Ombongi to the rampant immorality experienced amongst Nairobi husbands.

Jared Ombongi has dismissed Muli’s allegations urging that his ex wife was just insecure in their marriage for no reason. Mr Ombongi believes that Lilian Muli over listened to gossiping from women who were out to ensure their marriage capsizes.

“The world already has a negative image about me.I can testify without any blink that am not a community husband as my ex wife claimed. Am white as snow” Mr Ombongi added.

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In an early statement, Jared Ombongi exposed that his ex wife,Lilian Muli had a tendency of walking in the house naked,something that he found weird,keeping him off the house for weeks.

Kenyans on social media expressed their anger criticizing the Shabana FC boss for exposing his lover’s weaknesses to the media.The women population jointly described Jared Ombongi as an immature man who is not fit to marry any woman.

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