Jnr Malong:I waste three quarters of my earnings on loose women and donate the rest to Kenyan pastors


South Sudan tycoon,Malong Junior now says every month he wastes three quarters of his vast money on loose women,gambling and alcohol. He then donates the rest to Kenyan pastors. Junior Malong describes Kenyan pastors as the funniest characters after men of God from Nigeria.

“My vast wealth comes from the Almighty. I just found myself rich and there is no way i can run from the reality. Am just one lucky idiot” Junior Malong said in a statement.

Malong Junior criticizes Kenyan pastors love for money.In a statement, the tycoon brags of how he singlehandedly funds several churches in Kenya. “Since my wealth is God given, i decided to support several churches across Africa.Unfortunately, Kenyan pastors have always looted my donations” he added.

“Kenyan pastors just like their Nigerian counterparts will see the gates of heaven through youtube. Unnecessary looting from the flock is uncalled for” Malong quipped.

Malong Jr was allegedly detained over his engagement in various criminal activities among them a counterfeit gold dealing scam. These rip-offs saw multiple foreigners lose billions of shillings.

Malong Junior who is known for his infamous photos of him lying
down covered in huge amounts of cash, is also being investigated
for alleged murder, disappearance of some South Sudanese
nationals and money laundering. Sources also claim that Malong
junior’s name had featured as the leader of a criminal gang notorious
for terrorizing and kidnapping fellow nationals.

In the past, there have been reports linking Malong Junior to Ex-
south Sudanese army chief General Paul Malong Awan claiming that
the general is his father.
However, Malong Senior has threatened to sue any person who links
Malong Junior to him.
The South Sudanese tycoon has come under sharp scrutiny lately
after he was featured in a documentary run by Africa Uncensored as
one of the people who amassed wealth from the South Sudan war.

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