Joho wants me out of ODM because i refused to sleep with him-Aisha


Malindi Member of Parliament, Aisha Jumwa now says Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho is fighting for her exit in the Orange Democratic Movement after she refused to give in to his sexual demands.She has bitterly criticized the Mombasa Governor for being loose on the sight of anything that has hips referring to him as a horny adolescent who should have no space in the political arena.

Aisha Jumwa says she can prove her allegations as she still has seductive texts from Hassan Joho in her Telkom line.The lawmaker accuses Ali Hassan Joho of forcing hugs and touching her improperly. Jumwa insists that she has no feeling for the Mombasa Governor as he is not her type.

“Ni jambo la kusikitisha kwamba Ali Hassan Joho ananiendea chini baada ya kukataa kumukumbatia.Mimi si hawara wake.Simtaki” Aisha quipped.

The legislator has mocked Ali Hassan Joho as a leader without morals urging the Orange Democratic Movement to take disciplinary action against him. She has threatened to lead the women fraternity in Malindi constituency in demonstrating against sexual harassment in the Orange Democratic Movement.

“Uongozi wa upinzani una kidudu. Ali Hassan Joho hajui tofauti ya mwanamke bomba na mwehu” Aisha Jumwa added. She has further questioned Raila’s silence on the matter describing the Opposition Chief as the route of evil in the party.

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