Joho:I may not be learned but Sudi is an academic orphan to lecture me


Mombasa Governor,Ali Hassan Joho has dismissed claims by the Kapseret Member of Parliament said Joho should not talk about leadership of the country or corruption until he stops drug business at the Coast.

However, Joho has been daring those saying his a drug dealer to challenge him in court.

In a statement today,Joho has urged politicians affiliated to the Deputy President William Ruto to leave him alone before he takes legal action against them. Joho has mocked Oscar Sudi as an academic orphan who is not fit to lecture him on matters of leadership.

“I have repeatedly agreed that i may not be learned as the world expects but truth be told Oscar Sudi is an academic orphan to lecture me” Joho remarked.

The Mombasa Governor has urged politicians to embrace the spirit of handshake to realize development in the country. In a further statement, Joho has appealed to Kenyans to shun from divisive politicians.

“Kenya is in the mood of achieving her development goals.Anyone against the handshake is an enemy of the country and must not be tolerated” Joho added.

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