Judge asks SDA church to seek out of court mediation


A High Court judge has asked the wrangling Seventh Day Adventist Church factions to seek mediation with a view to settling a dispute on the use of the church’s logo.

Lady Justice Grace Nzioka said this while presiding over a case in which the global head of the Seventh Day Adventist Church is entwined in a legal tussle with a faction in Nairobi over a trademark.


“I would like to see parties, consider negotiating this matter out of court. Mediation would work, explore it, we are not dealing with a logo for business, this is a church organisation,” said Justice Nzioka.

She added: “It is a matter that can be discussed, meditate on it in prayer, I have no doubt that which we can’t have a break through as men we can deal with it in prayer and like Paul says in the good book all these you are fighting for it’s all vanity.”

Even though the judge categorically stated that this was off the cuff, it was a way of calming down the tense mood of some of the church members in the courtroom.

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