Kenyan brides to pay dowry to educated prospective husbands,MPs say women are liabilities

Langata Constituency MP Nixon Korir addresses guests during the 23rd Annual prize Giving Day held at the Nairobi Muslim Academy on February 24, 2018. Picture by Francis Nderitu

Kenyans have taken to social media to share their views on an impending proposal by the country’s Member of Parliaments that brides should pay dowry to educated prospective husbands. The demand for educated husbands is increasingly high according to a section of MPs led by Nixon Korir. He maintains that times have changed and women earn and have become more independent and can speak for their rights.

Arguing that it is unrealistic for highly educated men to pay heavily as bride price when they are rare to find.

“We need to do this as soon as possible and save the endangered species of male elites in the society. Women will do anything humanly possible to win them. It will also motivate our women to work hard and go for what they want in life than just rely on handouts from men .” said the Langata Member of Parliament.

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