Kenya’s Drunkard Governor In Bed With Disgraced British Lawyer To Settle Political Scores


Nairobi Governor,Mike Mbuvi Sonko is on the record of luring prominent people to meet his political ends in exchange with state protection,a promise which he never fulfills.British lawyer Mr. Guy Elms, a man of questionable character and integrity is a worried man.

Mr. Elm’s is involved in a criminal case where he is charged with attempting to alter the will of his late client, Mr. Roger Robson.

As noted by the Kenyans in the social spaces, the morally bankrupt and highly worried Mr. Guy Elms is stopping at nothing to escape justice.

He has first started an online ‘sympathy campaign’ passing the narrative that the land in question was supposed to be donated for wildlife and forest Conservancy but that story seemed not to earn the intended sympathy, he tried another narrative that the will was to give Beyond Zero the land, only to realize that the will was dated 1997 and the Beyond Zero campaign came to be in the year 2014.

Holes were further poked into his story as the purported Mr. Peter Kinyua who was to be the receiver of the land around the time the vendor was dying, the said Kinyua was not working for Kenya forest and more telling is the fact that the said land’s registration was revoked by Kenya’s National Land Commission.

Authoritative information reveals that one of Kenya’s drama-loving politicians, Mike Sonko, who has a penchant for ruining the reputations of people he sees as possible challengers to his reign of ruin, has resorted to using the questionable Mr. Elms in settling political scores and has embarked on sponsoring defamatory articles regarding the case whenever Mr. Elm’s case is due.

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