Kenya’s Top Snitch Preparing A Daily Mail Article Against Raila.


A few days after Former Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga met with Philanthropist Agnes Kariuki at Lavingtone offices, it is emerging that Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko is now sponsoring an article to blackmail the opposition chief. He accuses Raila Odinga of partnering with Agnes Kagure to bring his leadership to the knees.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has shown openly that he is being threatened by the ever growing popularity of Agnes Kagure. Sonko is currently facilitating a social media onslaught against Agnes Kagure both on twitter and facebook. Bloggers who are now faking letters, pay slips and everything to taint Kagure’s name are on the loose to make sure that everyone believes in their propaganda.

In an email leaked to a Kenyan journalist, Mike Sonko in a detailed statement urges the Daily Mail to write a story of how Raila Odinga is not serious with his work as AU High Representative,and instead he is busy meeting with ambitious politicians like Agnes Kagure in Kenya.

Sonko is on the record of luring prominent people to meet his political ends in exchange with state protection,a promise which he never fulfills.

Several weeks ago, Mike Sonko was in London and a week after that, Daily mail published a fake story against Agnes Kagure .The fake story sponsored by the Nairobi Governor linked Agnes Kagure to over Ksh 600 Million land grab.The Governor through the Daily Mail accussed  the politician of threatening a British lawyer after seizing a $6million(Sh601m) plot of land from his dead client.

It is obvious that the land case involving Agnes Kagure is a lie.The British lawyer based in Kenya has a case to answer in court over the same.

Sonko has fallen prey of propagandists who are misleading him to be abusing Raila Odinga and Agnes Kagure Kariuki on social media. If Raila Odinga decides to respond he will run and hide in caves. He is good in this game but he’s chose to take a low profile and give the mouthing dog time to enjoy and rant. He has refused to give the Governor attention. A very wise move. You can’t beat Raila Odinga in his own game, for that one he should just forget.

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