Kick the magician out of the party or i resign,Ruto threatens the President


Deputy President William Ruto has on Sunday morning threatened to resign if President Kenyatta fails to kick out the Opposition Chief,Raila Odinga from the Jubilee party. Speaking in a Nairobi Church,Ruto has referred to Raila Odinga as a master of black magic who has brought confusion in a house that was once united.

“Kenya is not ready for politics of backbiting.The old man from Bondo has refused to retire after all these years of humiliation in the political field. As the clergy, i urge you to pray for the country” Ruto said.

The Deputy President has blamed the President for letting Raila Odinga lie too much to him.He insists that the latest scandal linking his name to the loss of billions of money meant to construct a dam is political.

“The graft war is targeting one individual.If the propanda chief is sincere about curbing corruption,let him explain to Kenyans the whereabout of more than ksh 11 billion that disappeared mysteriously under his watch as a Prime Minister” Rutto added.

William Ruto has further urged Kenyans to shun from divisive politicians. He has specifically pointed out the Opposition to consist of the most divisive politicians in the country.

The political temperature in the country has increased following debates by Rift Valley politicians who may quit Jubilee as they feel betrayed by the handshake initiative.

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