Man ready to offer his virginity for free to President Dutete if he visits Kenya


A man identified as Wamama is ready to part with his virginity for free if President Duterte of the Philippines visits the Republic of Kenya. Speaking to BBC radio and in a letter to the Phillippines Embassy based in Kenya, Wamama has expressed his love for the Philippines President whom he describes as the most complete man in the world.

President Duterte of The Philippines

“My love for the Filipinos has always been unshakable. President Duterte has been my role model for the past two years and i have always wished to part with my virginity if he visits my country” Wamama explained.

“I sometimes have a funny feeling whenever i watch President Duterte on live broadcasting” he added.The Catholic church has condemned Wamama describing him as a non believer. It is not known whether the Philippines President will respond to the letter or not.

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