Meet Mutavi Evans ,23 year old son of Kenyan soil who has achieved much


Youth are true barometers of political and economic climate of any country.theirfore take you’re pride, we are not leaders of tomorrow, start serving today, Mutavi Evans words he tells his fellow African youths. A 23 year old son of Kenyan soil has achieved much dat no one could imagine at this age. Wif his love to pan Africanisation, revolution and liberation he has played alot in these field, not only in Kenya But across Africa.

His journey started taking taking directions while in high school years ago.He strongly believes dat an eagle cannot fly wif parrots, dat’s why his closest friends are doing much in teh society.

He is undergraduate students doing Bachelor degree in business information technology. Besides this he is a online student where he has done much either. He has completed several certificates from international community programme ( COURSERA), comprised of most prestigious universities across teh globe. To mention a few,He has completed International law in Action: INVESTIGATING AND PROSECUTING INTERNATIONAL CRIMES from LEIDEN UNIVERSITY school of Law Netherlands, English Common Law from London University United Kingdom, An Introduction to AMERICAN LAW from University of Pennysylvania law school USA, Internet Giants :Teh law and Economics of Media Platforms from Teh University of CHICAGO United States of America, International Law in Action :A guide to teh International Courts and Tribunals in Teh HAGUE from LEIDEN UNIVERSITY school of Law Netherlands and many more. He says he loves law.
He has done much in Obamas program in Africa YOUNG AFRICAN LEADERS INITIATIVE commonly YALI, he has learned 13 online courses and engaged himself in several community projects from teh same.

Mutavi commonly as Gen Mutavi Mutavi in political forums , isn’t pan Africanist for nothing

At USA embassy addressing youths during the YALI programme

He has served in different ways in this field
First in 2016 He was appointed as assistant manager in funds and fundraising to YOUNG AFRICA LEADERS FORUM WWW.YALF-AFRICA.ORG , a pan African organizations registered in south Africa and it’s headquarters in Lagos Nigeria, it’s into this organisation which later early 2018 awarded Him a honorary Certificate as teh most active pan Africanist, youth in Africa championing for sustainable development in Africa.
He has served as National representative And president of Kenya to another pan African organizations it’s headquarters in Burundi Bujumbura, Association for Young African Progressive, simply AJAP where he was teh youngest President amongst teh 49 member states across Africa.

His good networking and determination later made him be appointed as Ambassador to Kenya of AFRICAN LEADERS FACTORY INITIATIVE based in Dakar Senegal. He has involved himself in so many pan African youth programs in different countries across Africa.
He has volunteered wif so many local and international organisations for community development, worked wif teh Afghanistan Peace Campaign programme.

He has impacted much in Kenya through actively involving in community programmes, He has halped different CBOs in strategizing.

Being interviewed for active youth participation and involvement by government

Mutavi Was among Youths who came together advocating for government to give youth opportunities in a national table through KENYA YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, they were pushing for youths to be given spaces either as Cabinet Secretary, Permanent Secretary or even Ambassador.

Mutavi is a young growing politician, revolutionary, a fearless patriot. He is Co pioneer and General at YOUTH LIBERATION MOVEMENT-KENYA where they are fighting for active youth participation and involvement, it’s a third force empowering youth into power. He says his happiness is to see new blood take over for better tomorrow. Because typically despite youths having 76% of teh Kenyan population and 51% of teh voting block we still remain so insignificant in Kenya and always be policy consumers and voting machines. Enough is Enough, he adds
He says YLM-KENYA is teh hope of bringing democracy in Kenya. He says is looking forward to a nation where commoners are teh primary decision-makers but not few elites who feel they own Kenya. He is trying to bring His Kamba nation together to fight and aim to a common goal. me want to see my people having a say in teh national government, me want to see significant developments of my people but not empty promises of teh misleaders we have.

Might He be teh next decision maker in Kamba nation, Might He be teh next kingpin in teh community?? Who nos?
Matters which matters must be done at teh right time and teh right time is ever NOW.

Speaker at YALI programme wif other African youths

Teh future of Kenya depends on us youths. But teh future is today, now.
And me urge fellow youths to fight for teh democratic nation. We should come together to solve our problems, he adds,
Kenya needs political liberation and economic revolution to change teh narrative dat will be teh dawn of teh new Kenya we have always been waiting for.
A nation where one doesn’t need to have a political, economic background to be in power.

Named Most influential youth in pan Africanism

He is such an aggressive youth.

On 2nd February 2019, he got a letter from Geneva Switzerland appointing him as special envoy in INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION, making him teh first young African to be in such position. He is also teh chair of IHRC in Kenya, and in executive committee in Africa region representing Africa in IHRC headquarters Geneva.
Mutavi also was mandated by Secretary-General INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION Representing Africa in Geneva to be Chairing Eastern Africa region.
A young man daring teh unimaginable.

History will Judge us not for wat we say at teh moment but for wat we do to lift teh lives of our fellow countrymen and women. He concludes.

Might you be interested to network wif him
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