Meet the youngest Hospital administator in GOVERNOR SONKO administration who has transformed Pumwani Maternity Hospital

Mr Geoffrey Mosiria,administrator Pumwani Maternity Hospital

In the 1990s up to to 2016 Whenever one heard about Pumwani Maternity hospital all that comes to his mind is a baby-selling Hospital.
Governor Mike Sonko did an impromptu visit to the institution which changed the facility transforming it to the standards of a private facility.

Pumwani Maternity Hospital

Hivipunde media team did an impromptu visit to the facility to ascertain if true what governor Mike Sonko has been posting on his social media page is trueIt was shocking that the rotten facility where the stinking smell of drugs and blood welcomed you looked extremely different.
The hospital that one will never wish to deliver in, we met more than 200 mothers walking in and out happy after being served by the medics who looked happy and motivated.
I met the youngest gentleman dressed in a suit and walking up and down trying to make sure all is well.
I thought he was a security officer doing his official rounds to make sure our mothers and children are safe.
I approached him and introduced myself appreciating the new changes in Pumwani Maternity Hospital.
The young gentleman who looked young and energetic shocked me when he introduced himself as Geoffrey Mosiria, the administrator in charge Pumwani Maternity Hospital.
We are used to meeting old men and women heading facilities like Pumwani. This reminded me of Governor Mike Sonko promise to empower youths and Mosiria is one of the products of Sonko’s empowerment.
I asked Mosiria the secrets behind Pumwani Maternity Hospital transformation and he did not hesitate to tell me that for an institution to be successful in offering quality services to the clients you must ensure that employees working there are motivated and given space to work. He further told us that modern management which is applied by Governor Mike Sonko, that is carrying managerial functions by walking is what has helped them transform Pumwani in addition to working closely with the Governor who has been very supportive towards ensuring they have enough resources to run the hospital.

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Inside the wards,Pumwani Hospital

Later on, we were joined by another gentleman who introduced himself as Mr. George Agot who is the nursing officer in charge of Pumwani Maternity hospital. Being the in charge he was coming out from labor ward where he had helped more than 10 mothers deliver successfully. I asked him of the number of deliveries they do per month, and he told us that the hospital does more than 2000 deliveries a month and the hospital has a total capacity of 450 beds. He further informed us that the hospital receives more than 500 mothers a day who seeks services in the facility. This confirms that the city residents have gained confidence with county facilities.

Postnatal mothers in bed,Pumwani Hospital

Mr. Mosiria, who is the hospital administrator took us on a tour around the hospital, I was amazed by the new look of Pumwani Maternity Hospital wards. This reminded me of the post that appeared in GOVERNOR SONKO page saying governor ANNE WAIGURU will deliver in Pumwani Maternity Hospital for free using Linda mama. Ward 2,3,4,5, and 6 were sparkling clean with modern beds, clean toilets which had a natural smell not like what I experienced in MACHAKOS level 5, which is barely a clean Hospital outside, while it’s inside is rotten.

Corridor view,Pumwani Hospital

Mr. Mosiria further told us the secret to good management of a Hospital facility is giving every staff space to work and respecting everyone’s opinion and idea that will help change the facility. He further told us that Hospitals where their incharges micromanages all departments end up offering poor services as the staff are frequently harassed and feel frustrated. A demotivated staff gives a poor output while a motivated staff gives a good output added Mr. Mosiria.
The administrator further said that respect is also key to success. Even the subordinate staff such as the cleaners plays a major role and must be respected irrespective of the work he or she does whether cleaning a toilet or the floor.
It’s really amazing that the rotten Pumwani Maternity Hospital is now the darling of all Nairobians and the entire country
Mr. Mosiria told us that they receive mothers from other counties like Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado, and even foreigners.
It’s high time other Governors realize the power of young men and women like Mosiria, the Administrator Pumwani Maternity. The young people are innovative, creative and believe in leaving a true change while the old generation in management fear change as their brain is at menopaused.

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A cleaner carrying out daily inspection,Pumwani Hospital

Young people see the possibilities while old people see the impossibilities.
When you appoint a younger person into a managerial position, he will use his position to bring about change that can be recognized without asking. When you appoint older people into managerial positions, they use that Position to loot Public funds as they believe they are near retirement and have achieved nothing in terms of personal development. Old people will think of their stomach and their children who are stressing them with money to pay their school fees and upkeep. They end up diverting money meant for facility improvement into their pockets.
This confirms to me that Governor Sonko is very wise in the sense that his cabinet it’s full of young people who are ready to work and fix Nairobi.
If you realize the majority of staff Governor Sonko has been suspending are the old generation who believes that they need to steal so that they cannot retire poor.
Mr. Mosiria is the talk of Kamukunji constituency and entire Nairobi as the youngest administrator in GOVERNOR SONKO administration who is dedicated to his work.
Mr. Mosiria further told us that Pumwani Maternity Hospital is in the process of opening an outpatient department and they have been tasked by Governor Mike Sonko to ensure before the end of the financial year 2019-2020 the hospital should have increased their existing two beds ICU /HDU into a 20beds capacity ICU/HDU having been allocated a budget. Governor Sonko has promised the facility a donation of the center of excellence for cervical cancer screening.

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As HIVIPUNDE media we urge Governor Sonko to empower more youths to head other county facilities that are being run down by the old KANJO generation.
The main challenge the facility is facing is reimbursement from NHIF and Linda mama. They have been surviving with the help of the county government financially as NHIF/Linda mama takes more than 3months to reimburse the hospital.
Mr. Mosiria told us that the governor has assured them of his support to have a sitting with NHIF CEO to challenge him on which criteria they use to reimburse the private facilities immediately they submit their claims while public facilities they have to beg for reimbursement.
As HIVIPUNDE media we believe that private facilities bribe NHIF to reimburse them which Public facilities do not have the capacity to bribe them.

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