When you see David Murathe, a member of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s inner circle spanner boys meeting Kalonzo Musyoka one minute and the next minute he meets Raila Odinga, coupled by numerous seemingly cosy political chit chat forays amongst other opposition luminaries, let yourself not be naive to the point of being hoodwinked that it is all about uniting the nation of Kenya.

These political merchants have mastered the political art of keeping their friends close and their enemies closest so that when they finally strike them with a fatal political blow, their enemies will be scattered into smithereens! It is a typical Machiavellian strategy driven by the principle that ” the harm to your enemy should be so fatal such that you need not fear of any revenge from him” thereafter.

It is indeed amazing that virtually all political commentators perceive Deputy President William Ruto as the only most likely political victim of the Mt. Kenya’s political merchants’ Machiavellian maneuver. I don’t think so one bit!
True, the man from Sugoi is on the radar of their political gun barrels but so is Raila Odinga! Why? Because these two political heavyweights are the main obstacles to their agenda of perpetuating their lifelong stranglehold on political power and the country’s economic muscle.

In short, when the curtains eventually come down in 2022, both Ruto and Raila will have been successfully waylaid out of the country’s political chessboard – permanently! The rest of the current opposition leadership of the likes of Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and the rest are just malleable soapstones easily broken and shaped into sphinxes that fit the eternal whims and political desires of the Mt. Kenya political merchants.
In conclusion, Baba and the Chief Hustler are just being fattened for the political slaughter table. And is there a better way of doing this except by taking the so-called development agenda to their political strongholds so as to gain acceptance in those areas before the real and devious political masterstroke is eventually revealed and fatally delivered to the consternation of many ‘handshake’ celebrants?

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