Murkomen – Ruto could be the target in the thousand notes political game


An angry Murkomen now says people in power are fighting the deputy president. Although he never mentioned the people, Murkomen told a gathering that CBK governor even talked after William Ruto during the Madaraka day a clear indication that there was a sinister motive planned. He added that the royal families don’t want William Ruto to ascend to State House.

The notice to withdraw the old Sh1,000 bank note announced by Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge is a clear attempt to clip his wings ahead of 2022, He said

Ruto is said to have stashed away huge sums of money in preparation for his first ever presidential bid. He has caused discomfort in the political circles by donating millions to churches, a clear revelation of his gigantic financial muscle.
He had managed to rally the ordinary masses behind him through the hustler nation slogan and his path to the presidency seemed inevitable.

To counter his fame and money, Uhuru and Raila had to put money in place. Their trip to lobby for funds in China hit a dead end. The only option in sight for them was to push for internal revenue collection. Ruto has found himself right in the thick of it. It means all the money he had put aside for his political activities must now find way back into circulation. This may greatly trim down his financial muscle and scuttle his shot at the presidency.

The battle to clamp down on the DP and his lieutenants has only begun and may soon turn into a full-fledged war. Raila Odinga has already raised the red flag when he warned those opposed to the war on graft to brace for an abrasive duel ahead.

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