Murkomen:How Ruto’s camp will kick Raila from Jubilee


Elgeyo Marakwet Senator,Kipchumba Murkomen has hinted of a comprehensive plan by Ruto’s camp to kick out the opposition Chief from the government.The Senator in a statement describes Raila Odinga as a con politician who is determined to frustrate Ruto’s bid for Presidency.

The majority leader in the senate reveals in a statement that Ruto’s camp is ready to frustrate Raila’s ambitions before the year elapses.” The opposition chief must be stopped before he can poison the minds of taxpayers.It is absurd that Odinga’s agenda for Kenyans is to block Ruto’s presidency” Senator Murkomen explained.

The gallant politician and lawmaker further in a statement says that Raila’s operations in Jubilee will be monitored by those affiliated to the Deputy President to prevent gimmicks.Murkomen’s fear is that Raila Odinga may backbite the Deputy President to get the attention of the President.

“He is known for gossiping a lot.Our ears are now on the ground to tame the old politician.We cannot risk trusting Raila Odinga near President Uhuru Kenyatta even for a second” Murkomen added.

Murkomen also threatens to keep a record of the number of times the opposition Chief will be visiting Statehouse to hold night meetings with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“The handshake is a good initiative but if it turns out to be a game of thrones then Raila Odinga must be a very worried man.It is evident he cannot beat William Ruto in any election in this world or the next” Senator Murkomen quipped.

Kipchumba Murkomen has warned opposition politicians from politicizing the handshake assuring the public that William Ruto will have the last laugh.He has urged Kenyans to shun from divisive politicians.

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