“My ex husband and John Mbadi are good in bed than Senator Linturi” Keitany hits back


Marriane Jebet Keitany,the alleged wife to Meru Senator,Mithika Linturi now says she is fighting for what is rightfully hers and no form of harassment will make her surrender. Keitany who now says she no longer wants to be recognized as Linturi’s wife as she is in a position of getting bedroom satisfaction elsewhere has urged authorities to take action against those body shaming her.

This comes a few days after the Meru Senator referred to Keitany as a massive borehole that cannot be satisfied by any man. In a statement, Keitany has described Linturi’s bedroom ‘prowess’ as overrated and an insult to humanity. “My ex husband and John Mbadi are far better than the much hyped Linturi who is only addicted to pornography and watching cartoons. All I want is my share of the property I helped him create and he will never see me in his life again” an emotional Keitany quipped.

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