Mzee Moi escapes another rape attempt by a rowdy maid


Retired President Daniel Arap Moi was at 8:21 pm on Sunday rescued by his security detail after Titah Mwende tried to force him into bed. The 95 year old Moi was playing with his favorite dog ‘William’ on the verandah of his Kabarak home before the incident.

Moi who is now leading a quiet life in Kabarak has been targeted by various maids in the past in an attempt to coerce him into donating his ‘wealthy seeds’.

“Cases of attempted rape against the former President have increased over the past months. We are going to be vigilant and ensure Mzee is safe from now henceforth” Hesbon Kirui, a retired army officer who now works as a bodyguard to Moi told the press.

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