Ndindi Nyoro says democracy is not serving Kenya well


Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has reiterated that he still stands with his 2017 apothegm that Kenya should rethink democracy as it is not serving it well and that the country needs a benevolent dictator.

The MP Tuesday said that when he made the statement, the country was descending into ruins because of the contested elections, as the opposition leaders were the aggressors then.

The country, he held, was at a critical juncture and while he regrets the vile language he used in some of his social media posts then, he agrees with their content.


“Once upon a time, of course, I was very critical and kind of revolutionary, maybe because of age and maybe some language was harsh to those who were being meted by the immoderations of power. When I was writing what I wrote, it was at the height of post-election skirmishes. I regret the language but not the content,” he said.

Nyoro, who spoke in the wake of a cat and mouse chase between him and the police, which eventually culminated in his arrest and subsequent release, said even though things have changed now in the country, he still maintains his 2017 statement 100 percent.

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